It’s Simpler, Better, & More Affordable

Instead of you having a closet full of equipment, the installation and the maintenance overhead, we’ll have that all hosted by us. You’ll get a phone system that is advanced, reliable, flexible, simple, cost-effective and ready to use in minutes.


No More Phone Line Installations!

VoIP eliminates the need for Installing new phone lines.

Competitive Service Rates

In comparison to Typical Business Phone Plans

All Common Features Are Included

Voicemail, Caller ID, Conferencing, Call Forwarding + Unlimited Long Distance Calling

Increase Your Security

Traditional phone systems have had some areas of weakness and still do.  If you have given anyone access to your phone system, through an IP or modem connection, you are vulnerable. Most companies do not know this. VoIP Cloud communications is safe and reliable!




Provided with equipment

Equipment hooks up to your existing broadband network

Stay Connected While You’re Away

Pair & Syncing Mobile Device with VoIP to stay connected to the Office while you’re away!

Phones are Now Supported by Your IT Department

VoIP uses Broadband Networks over the Internet, thus becoming a task your IT Department handles… Lowering Costs & Wait Times!

It’s Simpler, Better, & More Affordable

Call Monitoring

Provides authorized users the ability to listen in on calls, “whisper” to the user being monitored, and also “barge” into the call to help facilitate a discussion.

Account Codes

Calls are allowed, only if the code is entered.

Click to Call

Look up a number in Outlook, click on the number, the speaker on your phone gets activated and you can start talking.

Remote Transfer

Transfer an incoming call to an outside location.

DID Number per Phone

Each extension could get a unique phone number, for the purpose of incoming Calls and  Outbound Caller ID.

Online Portal

Most features and functions of the phone can be controlled via our online portal.

Find Me, Follow Me

Allows your employees to forward their extension to another phone whenever they want. This can be everything from a cell or home phone to a voice mail box.

Selective Call Records

Record a call by the press of a button.

Voicemail to Email

Each Voice Mail Message can get forwarded to an email address as a voice file attachment.


Have access to your office phones wherever you are, even if you’re in a location that is lacking mobile service, as long you have an Internet connection.

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